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With experienced management consultants, Whyte offers to solve complex business problems using a unique blend of new age technologies and fundamental theories in business management, analytics, decision science and economics. The resultant solution is not just fit-for-porpose, but simple, scalable and sustainable.

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Our thought machinery explores innovative solutions for business problems.

With strong inclination towards making solutions simple, Whyte's problem solving methodology systematically atomizes business problems and tackles each problem byte using lateral thinking techniques. Leveraging our proprietory transformation framework and project management methodology we design and deliver solutions that create value by improving topline, making operations efficient and enhancing customer experience.

Delivering tailored value

Explore some of our success stories and read what our clients had to say about us

Africa's largest financial services group

Created a robust test assurance framework based on the group's adoption of Agile methodology which clearly detailed what, when and who will execute the test strategy. In addition, accompanying templates used by project members were created to ensure important elements of testing are covered.

A leading privately held consulting firm in US managing large equity portfolios

Provided second level project management support to drive savings by setting up a shared services model based out of India by providing expertise in project management, process mapping and transformation across multiple phases.

An FTSE 100 and fortune 500 company providing contract food service in over 50 countries

We were engaged to support the rollout for UK&I region, provide the planning expertise and creation of a WFM framework that will enable benefit realisation and a blueprint for deployment that could be adopted by other regions.

A leading hedge and private equity fund administrator in UK

For TSA and RTSAs following a deal announcement, our consultants conducted detailed planning workshops with workstream leads to understand cost drivers, define charge back rules, plan third party service vendor engagement models, identify dependencies and establish a communications strategy to ensure timely and in budget TSA exits.

A leading European industrial electrical equipment company

As the client provided shared service support across IT, HR and F&A amongst others, we were engaged to overhaul their existing Knowledge Management Systems to better suit the wider business by developing and planning the roadmap to the new Knowledge Management operating model.

A leading investment management services provider in UK

The client did not have documented standard operating procedures, as needed by compliance requirement as per guidance from the regulator, Jersey Financial Service Commission. We were engaged to document 15 critical processes and identify transformation opportunities.

Experience. Express.

We write about our solutioning experiences and joyfully share our knowledge, which they rightly say, is power.

Having worked with diverse clients in various sectors across the world for solving business problems, Whyte's consultants have accumulated practical knowledge which helps them deliver better each time. These practical examples and our opinions have been put out as thought papers to help similar minded individuals gain useful insights on similar business challenges.

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Whyte has a unique blend of professionals coming from diverse professional backgrounds, multiple skillsets and experience of working in global organisations in learning roles . With strong focus on creativity and drafting transformation solutions, Whyte is on a constant look-out for individuals with the X-factor, with a drive for excellence and bent for lateral thinking. Explore what it takes to be a Whytean.