and Digital Transformation Services

  • Intelligent RPA platform based automations

  • Business Analysis

  • Technology ecosystem assessments

  • Advanced designing and prototyping

  • Test Assurance

  • Businesses today must reinvent to stay relevant. With advent of new technologies and innovative ways to impress and retain customers, it is imperative to bring scalable and incremental technical innovation to grow and stay ahead of disruption.

  • Organizations that have recently undergone digital transformation have likely experienced increased market share and better customer engagement, leading to increase in revenue and employees with a higher morale. What drives their transformation? It is not only the affordability of powerful and influencing technologies but also a relent talent pool where next generations curiosity appetite for new experiences helps these business rethink how they deliver value and bring digital transformations.

  • To complement such businesses, we combine the strength of Applied Intelligence, CX and Robotics to empower businesses stay ahead of competition and discover new possibilities for growth, followed by partnering and scaling up with them to deliver breakthrough innovations. Our next generation technology analysts bring intelligent digital transformations post a detailed technology ecosystem assessment, revealing opportunities to design, test and deploy automation solutions. As-is and to-be processes are mapped guiding the deployment, based on fool-proof testing causing minimal disruptions.

Advanced Analytics Lab

  • Decision support services

  • Applied Intelligence Solutions: Cognitive, AI/ML

  • Reporting, Visualization and Business Intelligence tools

  • According to a recently released report, 90% of the world’s data has been created in just the past few years. Due to this continuously generating and overwhelming amount of data which some organizations didn’t know even existed, businesses are struggling to derive powerful insights that they need to make informed, smarter decisions.

  • This is even more critical as the fuel for effective insights is data. Hence the quality of data that is maintained is of paramount importance as low quality or fragmented data can’t be mobilized. The need of the hour is to rethink data supply chains and processes to ensure transparency and quick accessibility, ensuring business and management intelligence is effectively derived on the brick stones of qualitative data. This ensures significantly superior ROI on AI investments.

  • At Whyte, we have a specialized team of data scientists and business analysts who facilitate applied intelligence solutions like Artificial Intelligence and Multi-linguistic programming to drive informed decision making with an endeavor to create a tailored solution to suit your industry and objectives. Our reporting consultants create dashboards based on volumes as well as provide business insights to support leadership decisions.

Customer Strategy and Marketing

  • Customer Strategy, Product portfolio and pricing

  • 360 customer view and journey mapping

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • CRM Transformation

  • Customer Ecosystem Intelligence: Profiling, Value segmentation, Channel propensity and Transactional behaviour

  • Sales Marketing and Customer integration

  • For today’s customer, it is crucial for businesses to have a focused marketing strategy that transforms the way they interact and engage their customers. This not only helps attract customers, but also helps constant engagement through delightful experiences. To do this, businesses must consciously differentiate between customer experiences based on the expectations and requirements of individual customer segments. At the same time, a 360-degree view of the customer journey and corresponding sentimental value helps business punctuate experiences with excellence, helping in customer retention which directly impacts profitability.

  • At Whyte, we help businesses develop marketing strategies that attract a more varied and studied consumer base with the right technology experiences to add sentimental value. This can significantly reduce churn and help drive customer loyalty amongst the businesses’ most important segments. We also help businesses drive customer satisfaction at transactional and relationship levels.

  • Our experienced marketing consultants ensure customer centricity and develop a cost-efficient delivery model which balances value with profitability. We also specialize in assessing Customer Ecosystem Intelligence through profiling, value segmentation, channel propensity and transactional behavior.

Transformation, Turnaround and Restructuring Services

  • Organizational strategy

  • Enterprise-wide Transformation (TOM)

  • Operational Assessments & Performance Improvement

  • Business Process Optimization

  • Workforce optimization

  • Many businesses today struggle to build a strategically aligned, “fit for purpose” operating model. The reason could be an underperforming operating model which has complacent and unidirectional functions protecting their own vested interests for the detriment of the overall business, lack of relevant talent, goals without a plan and a culture that ignores accountability.

  • To resurrect this misalignment and untrap potential value, it is important to consider redesigning of operating model for cost and efficiency gains. This typically starts with an operational assessment and areas of performance that can be looked up for improvement, like business processes or workforce.

  • With an objective to deliver quantum changes resulting from cross functional transformation initiatives across operational, technology and financial trajectories, our consultants work closely with project stakeholders to derive opportunities for value enhancement across processes in a controlled, efficient, flexible and effective manner, assuring profitability.