Knowledge Management

  • CMM Standard Implementation

  • Creation of Knowledge Assets

  • Content Compilation and Transformation

  • Content dissemination and adoption improvement

  • The statement "Knowledge is power" has never been more relevant. Knowledge is what powers the mission, drives ecosystems and creates consistent differentiation and value for companies and economies.

  • At Whyte, we believe value is driven from knowledge to enhance revenue, reduce cost and foster innovation. In all our KM engagements with clients our execution strategy is always to create a world class knowledge sharing culture and environment within our client’s organization that contributes to success. We use the concept of centralized knowledge exchanges that simplify access, improve search and streamline content management with a consistent user interface. We support curation of knowledge assets that are managed in the Knowledge Exchange including client credentials, proposals, project estimates and best practices. Knowledge exchanges are built around the key content areas using new search capabilities and using matching logics we personalize learning management across our client’s organization.

  • At Whyte, we help identify the knowledge gaps and partner to bridge them and unlock opportunities.

Asset and Workforce Management

  • Demand Forecasting & Scheduling

  • Capacity Planning

  • Asset Utilisation Assessment

  • Harness the future of work through skilled workforce management that drives greater productivity, capability and agility. Digital technologies are reinventing how companies work. At Whyte, we believe that automations do not necessarily replace humans, instead they make us more important than ever - a win-win for the modern workforce that will require brains and bots to work in harmony.

  • At Whyte we have evolved this approach of affinity between human and machine by building modular workforce management solutions for forecasting work volumes based on our client's business and their economics of demand. An accurate demand pattern is built on a data-driven model to maximize the full potential of optimization by accurately estimating resource requirements. The requirements are staged on several statistical models to arrive at a best fit resourcing requirement per unit time. Business rules, contractual requirements, worktime directives, holidays and other nuances of client's specific business ecosystem are built in to lower the margin of error. Finally, the scheduling tool maps staff names and creates a shift roster. Leveraging predictive modelling the solution prompts the business to continuously assess, reskill, upskill or backfill workforce; naturally enabling them to lead now and in the future.

Research and Modeling

  • Market Sizing and Competitor Analysis

  • Company profiling

  • Location Assessment

  • Financial Modeling

  • Market Assessment and Feasibility studies are critical to an organization’s aspirational success. It is very important to understand in depth, the market’s attractiveness, vitality and opportunities that it offers as a prospect product or service buyer. In addition, the market’s appeal and dynamics should be well understood before any venturing decisions are made. All in all, business models should be carefully crafted after a thorough, professional research is conducted, and results ascertained for strategizing their respective business contours.

  • What becomes challenging from a research perspective is the overwhelming data which is being generated in today’s world. It brings tricky hallucinations for what is right and what may be right, as against what is surely right from a feasibility perspective. Another challenge may be the quality of research and how it is being done differently from competition, to be able to create that unique information edge.

  • At Whyte, our research specialists can support clients with market assessment, emerging industry trends as well as insight to opportunities, competition and related regulatory landscapes. Not only this, we blend experience with research and modelling expertise to create scalable and repeatable financial models for new markets, based on the in-depth research that our specialists conduct.

Travel & Administration Management Services

  • Itinerary Planning and Booking

  • Expense Reporting

  • In this world of digital transformation and extreme competitiveness to outperform counterparts, it is imperative for organizations to pounce on any small cost saving opportunity. In a small way, but if travel expenses or other administrative expense are managed well, it can give a decent saving in the long run. Well planned itineraries, efficiently managed travel expenses and other travel related administrative expenses if managed well can significantly contribute in reducing overheads.

  • At Whyte, our travel assistance ensures end to end travel arrangements including visas, detailed itineraries and agendas to provide support on all travel needs for our clients. In addition, our Administrative support team manages expense claims, POs, correspondence, MOMs, proof-read documents and reconcile reports for our clients.