Change Management

  • Institutionalize Change Management practice

  • Planning and Governance

  • Change execution

  • In order to survive and grow, businesses must constantly evolve. This ‘new’ reinvention theme demands proactive change management where considerable oversight is needed on what is changing, how and the impact within and outside the organization. As they say, change is the only constant so consistent monitoring is just not enough. What is needed is advance identification and planning for managing a potentially threatening future change.

  • What businesses typically struggle in while they manage change is the resistance from within. Call it a human tendency or the situation but it’s just not easy. The volume of change could be another factor. In situations like these, what is needed is a clear vision of how the change will be planned, communicated and executed flawlessly. Change needs to be governed effectively, while execution can be agile – small change implemented in a small unit, followed by aggressive replication provided results are in line.

  • At Whyte, our project management consultants have successfully managed change in new business processes, in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise. With simulated representation of change impact, we work closely with project stakeholders to reduce resistance to change and enhance acceptability through effective and direct communication.

M&A, Divestitures and Post-integration support

  • Pre deal preliminary studies

  • Day 0 to Day 1 planning support

  • Transition & Reverse Transition Service Agreement execution support

  • Vital to the growth of many businesses are mergers and acquisitions that they bring within their gamut of services but surprisingly only 50% of them create value for shareholders. Considering M&As are carried out strategically for producing substantial cost and revenue synergies, a 50% failure rate is appalling.

  • A real reason of why this happens is that businesses treat post-merger integration as an aftereffect. On the contrary, it is one of the most critical strategic processes that must be addressed before the deal happens. This ultimately, but not evidently, determines whether the integration will be a success or a failure. It is not a one-time process and it also has its own pace, stimulus, focus and style which needs to be governed carefully. The M&A strategy should be a logical extension of an organisation’s growth strategy, based on a scalable model.

  • Whyte specializes in providing pre-deal support, ongoing governance based on standard guidelines and focused monitoring and reporting when TSA takes effect, ensuring synergies and achieving milestone targets as planned.

Transition Management

  • Feasibility study

  • Planning and Governance

  • Rebadging and Ramp-ups

  • Data / IT System migrations

  • In tune with a smooth transformation within an organisation is an undisrupted transition. Moving towards a future state, business must ensure a clean exit from existing ways of working, processes and structures. This is more important in the public domain than private, as it involves a larger and complex movement of resources or a potential location which is needed to be reset. Because they take time, transitions require a well thought risk management, project management and stakeholder communication along the line.

  • Many transitions fail due business’s resistance to change, some unrealistic expectations or may be a forced transition which wasn’t needed. This can lead to an increase in transition spend followed by a low user adoption. This can also lead to low confidence amongst key stakeholders including employees, resulting in attrition and not to mention the impact on service delivery. How can organisations safeguard against this?

  • At Whyte, we have qualified consultants with subject matter expertise in the design and implementation of the crucial transition and mobilization phase of projects. Using tried and tested tools and techniques, we advise, plan and transition complex projects for a smooth cross-over of value-based delivery from one location to the other. With effective change management, project management and transition journey mapping, we bring effective transitions into play.

Bid and Contract Support

  • Bid Development and Writing

  • Bid Management and work programming

  • Financial Modeling and Bid Estimation

  • Service and Contract Mobilization

  • Bid and contract support are one of the most Pivotal aspects critically aligned within an organisation. Since contracts are legally bounded, it is important for a business to ensure obligations, pricing, timelines, operational and financial risks are carefully considered. It is important to understand a contracts life cycle in a manner that details how it impacts the overall business. While providing a bid response it is important to carefully consider financial risks and service feasibility to the provider, in addition to what is needed by a prospect client and how the bidding client can carefully respond to the needs of the buyer. Once the contract is won, it is important to ensure that the service mobilisation is effective. The key here is guiding principles of project management and effective risk mitigation which limits exposure to threats.

  • At Whyte, we provide bid and contract mobilization support by conducting market studies and competitor analysis for determining an addressable market with its valuation and financial modelling. Using typical project management techniques, we help mobilize such contracts for quick execution.

Project Management Office

  • Organizational strategy

  • Document standardization

  • Health check and audit

  • Coordination and Communication

  • Budget and ROI tracking

  • Progress Reporting and Dashboard

  • Thanks to the rapid development of technology, it has become quite typical of project teams to work virtually as ‘human cloud’. According to a study conducted by Wrike, 65% of workers predict that they will go fully virtual in next few years. The reason is inevitably simple – this frees up almost 60% of a project managers time for critical, strategic project activities. More so, financial savings due to labor arbitrage and zero to minimal cost of relocation/travel can be used to fund or win more projects for further profitability. Not only this, increased productivity due to more efficient and direct meetings, collaboration through technology and reduced complexity ensure better service delivery.

  • Tailored to such specific needs, we can help setup or plugin PMO support whether the goal is improved project reporting, superior ROI or enhanced governance. Not only this, our in-house CACTUS framework also derives transformation opportunities for better efficiency, in addition to freeing up Project Manager's time for strategic decisions. Our Consultants are experienced across a range of project management & PMO skills honed over multiple projects spanning diverse industries and functions with an average of 15+ years of Project Management and PMO experience.